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Remodeling Unlimited !!

The Roldão & Rodrigues-construction firm, Lda. It is referenced in the market as an innovative company that has a wide support solutions in all areas of construction.

Over the years, this company has consolidated a strong experience at national and international level and our references can be proven in Portugal, Spain and Belgium.
The Roldão & Rodrigues, stands out not only by the severe selection of its employees, but its own formations on this area. The management of this company strives to ensure the quality of products, working alongside the best suppliers of materials for construction around the world, following always the latest techniques in the area.

The Roldão Group is also friendlier to the environment as possible, always following strictly all licenses and standards imposed by the European Union, thus calling for reuse, recycling and recovery of materials.

Thanks to the implementation and proper management of all aspects described above, always comply with the agreed deadlines and providing a good working environment for all Roldão & Rodrigues team, thus becoming the best image possible for the client and always escorting your needs.

We are strongly prepared in both arms of this area:

1 - Construction
Construction and implementation of urban articles.
Total construction of buildings.
Habitational constructing (Turn Key).
As already described above, we have specialist teams in any kind of labor.
2 - Remodeling
In the area of refurbishment of buildings, notably in: major overhaul of frontage, general painting, masonry laundering and stone coverings with water and sand jet, general waterproofing and insulation, repair and general replacement of roofs, interior remodeling and decoration, floor repairing, paint, plaster coatings, ceilings and plasterboard partitions, electricity, carpentry, plumbing gas and water, etc.

If you have any questions and want to contact us in order to understand our work freely or our best proposal for any work related to our area, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your attention and awaiting your prized news, finding ourselves always at your disposal for any clarification.